We are two professional photographers and film makers since about 18 years and we performed various projects in the most beautiful places in Europa. One of our specialties are photo and film projects where we showcase beautiful completely nude girls in front of famous buildings, at beautiful well-known places and within overcrowded pedestrian zones. A large community around the world enjoys our spectacular photo and film projects of nude girls in unbelievable situations in the middle of the daily public life and within crowds of tourists at famous places.


Our Travel Project

With our travel project “Your Secret Dreams”, we would like to give the chance to everybody around the world to join our spectacular photo and film nude in public projects, to feel the thrill of every second when we exhibit and present our completely nude gorgeous girls at beautiful public places within crowds of strangers.

We offer unforgettable moments and hours when you see live and in real our nude girls walking through famous cities, when they talk to people, make selfies with strangers, buy ice-cream and drinks, visit shopping malls or being tourists by themselves making completely nude photos of famous buildings and places in the middle of all the other tourists. Have fun when you see and hear all the crazy reactions of the strangers and the reaction to this of our nude girls.

See that the unbelievable just becomes true right in front of your own eyes. You can be sure that millions of people all around the world will be jealous of you, since you are right in front of the incredible happening. You will lose no single moment, since you are part of us and you will be with us at every single step.