What trips can I buy from “Your Secret Dreams”?

With “Your Secret Dreams” you can book trips you have never experienced before. You have the unique opportunity to be part of “Nude in Public” shootings for various productions. Beautiful naked women move freely in public.

Everything looks completely different on-site. Everything is much more exciting and exciting. As a fan, you should just be there and experience everything up close.

Which services are included in the price and can there be additional costs?

The “Standard” travel price includes the shootings and everything that belongs to such a shoot. In between there are non-alcoholic drinks and nobody has to starve to death. During the shootings, we also assume the costs to be able to move freely around the city (e.g. taxi, bus, train, tram, …). After the shootings there is always a cozy get-together where e.g. it is discussed what went well or badly. You have to take care of the arrival and departure yourself and you have to book and pay for the hotel yourself. We will be happy to tell you where we will be staying in advance so that we can stay in the same hotel. In the “All Inclusive” travel price, we assume all costs on site. That means, you still take care of the journey yourself, but everything is included on site, including hotel accommodation, evening meals, non-alcoholic drinks and, on request, we also take care of the arrival and departure of the respective means of travel (airport, train station, etc.) ).

What is allowed when shooting?

You can take pictures for private use and one or the other selfie with the model is guaranteed. You can accompany us during the entire shoot and look over our shoulders. We are also happy to accept suggestions and ideas, provided they can be implemented.

What is not allowed when shooting?

Any intimate and sexual contact with the models is prohibited. No kissing, hand on shoulder or anything like that. We only book the models for the shootings. Anyone who does not adhere to this agreement will be excluded from the shoot without a refund of the travel price. We have zero tolerance.

Furthermore, it is not allowed to be naked while shooting. It is not a nudist trip. Only the model is naked for the time of the shootings.

What does it look like legally? Can I possibly be held responsible for things I do?

We’ll have a meeting before the first shoot and explain everything important in advance. If you walk normally and just watch what is going on, you cannot normally be held responsible for anything. However, if you do anything on your own that was not agreed upon, you are of course responsible for the possible consequences of your actions.

How can I subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can register for the newsletter at the following link and secure a one-time welcome discount: Register here

If you no longer wish to receive a newsletter, simply visit the link and follow the instructions or click on “Unsubscribe from newsletter” at the end of a newsletter.

How can I pay at Your Secret Dreams?

You can currently choose between two payment options: prepayment and PayPal

There is also the option of paying the rest in cash on site after consultation and a down payment.

How do I know that my order has been received?

You will receive a confirmation email from us with all important information.

When and how do I get my booking confirmation & invoice?

After successful registration, all important information will be sent by email.

Is there a discount when buying multiple trips?

If you are a regular customer with us, you will receive individual, discounted conditions.

Can I postpone or cancel a binding trip?

You can cancel free of charge up to 14 days before the start of the trip and you will receive your deposit back.

Can I bring an accompaniment to the experience?

No, this is not possible. But if you e.g. want to be there with your spouse, we can make you an individual offer.

What do I do if it looks like bad weather for my trip?

We do shoots in almost any weather and, if necessary, also avoid covered locations. So far we haven’t had to cancel an appointment because of the weather.

What if the shoot fails due to “force majeure”?

Before arrival: If an arrival for reasons of “force majeure”, e.g. If natural disasters or sudden entry bans (for example as with Corona) should not be possible, payments will be refunded.

On site: If events occur on site that do not allow a shoot, we will react immediately to the unforeseen circumstances so that the shoot can still take place, e.g. by changing location within the city or, if necessary, by completely changing to a nearby other location. If, despite all attempts, no shooting is possible, 50% of the total amount will be reimbursed in the “All Inclusive” package. Unfortunately, the price cannot be refunded in the standard package.

What if I still have questions?

If you have any questions before booking or afterwards, you can contact us at any time by email.