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The "Standard" travel price includes the shootings and everything that belongs to such a shoot. In between there are non-alcoholic drinks and nobody has to starve to death. During the shootings, we also assume the costs to be able to move freely around the city (e.g. taxi, bus, train, tram, ...). After the shootings there is always a cozy get-together where e.g. it is discussed what went well or badly. You have to take care of the arrival and departure yourself and you have to book and pay for the hotel yourself. We will be happy to tell you where we will be staying in advance so that we can stay in the same hotel. In the "All Inclusive" travel price, we assume all costs on site. That means, you still take care of the journey yourself, but everything is included on site, including hotel accommodation, evening meals, non-alcoholic drinks and, on request, we also take care of the arrival and departure of the respective means of travel (airport, train station, etc.) ).

Any intimate and sexual contact with the models is prohibited. No kissing, hand on shoulder or anything like that. We only book the models for the shootings. Anyone who does not adhere to this agreement will be excluded from the shoot without a refund of the travel price. We have zero tolerance.

Furthermore, it is not allowed to be naked while shooting. It is not a nudist trip. Only the model is naked for the time of the shootings.

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    Start Thursday July 23, 2020
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